Remember when….

Were you there 35 years ago September 20th to see the first show of the Fantastic Shakers?

How long have you been going to see the Fantastic Shakers?

Where were you the first time you saw the Shakey Boys?

shaker-gangsterWe are looking for some good stories like what was the story behind this picture?

If you have a good story that can be shared with the public. We would love to read about it. Please reply below. Tell us your story or just drop us a quick note about seeing the Shakers. We hope to see you soon!

4 thoughts on “Remember when….

  1. I have so many great memories with the Fantastic Shakers – Where do I start with just one? Let me think about a story I want to add to this page. Catch me at one of the great events we have planned and we can share a lot of Shaker stories. 5 Events are going to be announced in the coming week! Its going to be…. SHOWTIME!

  2. The first time I saw the Shakers was at the Holiday Inn at Surfside Beach, SC. I was staying with a friend at a rental home at LItchfield. We drove up every night for that week to see them. I believe it was about 1977 or 78. Jeff Reid did Elvis, and I believe Bo did Ray Charles – Unchain My Heart. After that week, I was a fan!

  3. I cannot honestly remember the first time that I saw The Fantastic Shakers but for the last seven years Betty Jo and I see them every chance we get and will continue to do so. They are the greatest group of guys and we love ‘em.

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